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Toenail patch

Toenail patch

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Say goodbye to painful and unattractive nails!

You suffer from ingrown toenails, fungus, black nails, atrophic nails, etc. Our patches will allow you to regain an ideal growth process for your nails, while also eliminating bacteria (fungus, etc.) and nourishing them for healthier nails.

Our treatment is 100% natural and is already used by thousands of people around the world to relieve their toenail problems.


  • 100% natural solution
  • Permanently eliminates ingrown toenails
  • Eliminates infection problems (fungus etc.)
  • Nourishes your nails

No more pain

We know how ugly ingrown toenails, or bad nail growth can be, but most of all, how painful they can be. They can also lead to inflammation, tissue infections, etc. Our patches have been designed to control the curvature of the nails, so that your nails can grow back naturally. Our 100% natural patches will provide all the nutrients needed to be healthy.

Healthy, beautiful feet

Infections such as fungus and mycosis can cause serious problems such as nail deformities, nail breakage, smelly feet, etc. This is why we have designed these patches with natural plants that will act as a disinfectant (thyme, savory), thus eliminating fungus and mildew.

What makes our treatment so effective is that it will nourish your nails with the properties of the tribulus terrestris (plant), to give them all the nutrients they need and thus improve their health and your general health.

For all types of nail problems

A 100% natural treatment

Our patches are made from plants such as thyme and savory. These plants will help fight bacteria and fungus. We have also used tribulus terrestris for its ability to nourish the nails.

Unparalleled efficiency

How to use our patches?

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