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EMS V-Shape Device

EMS V-Shape Device

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Sally shared her experience using EMS V-Shape Face Lift Device for 4 weeks!

"After 4 weeks application, I could already see a difference in the definition of my jawline. I captured some before and after images to demonstrate the transformation. After leaving it on for almost an hour, I could have kept wearing it for longer, but I didn't want to overdo it. Stretching is also simple. I adore this item!"

Lift up Face the Natural way!

The EMS V-Shape Face Lift Device efficiently reduces wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, tightens skin, provides skin with complementary hydration, and delays skin aging when used in conjunction with vibration mode. It also creates a V-shaped face. 

Why is the EMS V-Shape Face Lift Device essential?

Our skin matures with us as we become older. As skin cells age, they lose the ability to form strong collagen bonds with one another and their ability to regenerate skin is slowed down. And when that occurs, your skin begins to sink and sag horrifyingly, and noticeable lines start to appear. No number of high-end skincare products, no matter how pricey, can genuinely make wrinkles disappear on their own.

Thankfully, we finally have a way to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, tighten up our skin, and shape our face thanks to the amazing EMS vibration technology in our EMS V-Shape Face Lift Device!

No more Saggy Droopy Skin!

Even the most evident fine lines, wrinkles, and drooping, sagging skin can be improved with the help of EMS vibration technology. Electrical Muscle Stimulation is referred to as EMS. It's a form of electrotherapy that jolts your skin with electricity to encourage the formation of collagen. Your skin's ability to regenerate itself is dependent on collagen, therefore the more you have, the better your skin will feel and appear.

The EMS V-Shape Facial Lift makes use of low faradic currents that are delivered to the skin and stimulate all the nerve endings, causing the face muscles to contract and relax at regular intervals. That stimulation reshapes your face while tightening and toning your skin! Additionally, it eliminates extra facial fat to help define the v-shape line.

Your skin receives a boost from the vibrations as well, which aids in restoring its suppleness and making it appear and feel younger. It like getting a brand-new layer of skin that is wrinkle- and fine-line-free and completely smooth. No more drooping or sagging skin!

EMS V-Shape Face Lift Device 2 Light Modes

  • Red Light - The Red Light Mode aids in enhancing facial circulation, allowing your skin to absorb more nutrients and offer you the ideal V-shaped face. It concentrates on entering the deeper layer of skin, the epidermis. It increases nutrition supply to your skin and circulates the blood more effectively.
  • Blue Light - The Blue Light Mode promotes relaxation and calmness in your skin. Additionally, it aids in sterilization, which reduces pore size and tightens the structure of your skin. Different light modes all enter skin in various ways. The dermis is the target of the blue light's penetration. It ensures that your skin becomes more radiant and that your pores get smaller.

Comfort-Oriented Design, Wear it wherever and anytime!

Comfort and mobility were two more design considerations for the massager. It is exceptionally comfortable and simple to wear in any setting because to its stylish design and adjustable strap. Use it whenever and whenever!

EMS V-Shape Face Lift Device Satisfied Customers

"My face shape is my number one insecurities. I am so embarrass to my square face shape ever since I turned high school. Gladly this device was invented. This made my square face to V-shaped. I love how convenient, no surgery needed. This result took me almost 12 weeks. I'm loving it so much and my friends are also using this now." - Steph Berklin


"My double chin disappeared, and the V shape of my face is so much more apparent! This is my 5 weeks result of usage. It's such a confidence booster, I adore it! I can't believe that it just takes a few of 15 minute sessions with this product to see results!" - Elaine Rooney

How To Use:

  • Unfold the device
  • Put it on and adjust the belt to your liking
  • Apply any serum you want for extra moisture
  • Power it on and choose a mode and intensity level that you like
  • Enjoy the massage, it will automatically shut off after 15 minutes
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